"When we first tried enrolling our son in school, we faced many difficulties.
First, we did not know our son's rights.  Second, we did not know enough information to counter the offers of the school district.  The school had given us a hard time and we did not know what to do.
After receiving Lynn's name and number from a friend, we contacted her for help.
Lynn brought professionalism and  knowledge to the ARD meetings that was immediately recognized by the staff and administration of the school.
Her presence changed the dynamics of the meetings in a positive way.  She was professional and firm with the requests that were made, and she fought for our son as if he was her own.
Our family will be forever grateful to Lynn.  I highly recommend her services to any family."
"I would recommend Lynn Kistler, Educational Consultant/Advocate.  Her passion is helping special needs children.  She knows the laws, policies, and procedures to bring to the table for your child to have a successful educational future."
Rusk, TX
"I just left an ARD and it's the first time I don't feel defeated.  If you ever need an advocate in the East TX area, Lynn Kistler is very helpful and truly cares for kids with special needs."
"I have worked with Lynn for several years.  She continues to be a reliable source of expertise.  I have used her numerous times as an advocate for my daughter and am always pleased not only with her recommendations but with the ability to get results.  She considers my perspective and goals for my child and works together with me in communicating with my district.  Lynn also explains to me the laws and framework if needed so that I can better understand my daughter's rights and advocate for her effectively.  She is an excellent resource and I would recommend her for anyone who needs advice or advocacy."
"Thank you so much for all of your help, Lynn!  I have never had an ARD meeting go so well!  They were so nice, it was eerie.  I have never had them agree to so many things.  It meant the world to me to have someone on MY SIDE in that meeting.  All of the staff did a total 180 change in their attitude.
Again, thanks for all of your help!"
"As Executive Director of East Texas Autism Network, families look to me for guidance with their concerns about appropriate placement and education for their children.  I am so thrilled to have Lynn among my network of professionals.
Lynn is the expert that I recommend when parents are concerned or fearful about navigating the maze of educational decisions on their own.
Lynn's background combined with her passion and expertise in the field of Special Education have made such a positive difference in the families that I work with."
Tyler, TX

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